The Mid-July Itch: Channeling the Hunter’s Spirit in Anticipation of Deer Season

As the sweltering heat of mid-July settles upon us, hunters across the land feel a familiar itch deep in their bones. The anticipation of deer season begins to stir, even though it may still be months away. While the woods may seem quiet now, seasoned hunters know that this is the perfect time to prepare, plan, and channel their hunting spirit. So, join us as we delve into the world of deer hunting in the midsummer lull, and discover the steps you can take to satisfy that ever-present craving for the hunt.

  • Scouting and Surveillance: Mid-July marks the ideal time to begin scouting and surveillance activities in your hunting area. As vegetation flourishes and deer patterns change, take advantage of the increased visibility to identify key locations, such as bedding areas, food sources, and travel corridors. Utilize trail cameras strategically placed along trails and near feeding areas to capture valuable insights into deer movement and behavior. This information will help you fine-tune your hunting strategies for the upcoming season.
  • Habitat Improvement: While the woods may be basking in summer’s warmth, it’s never too early to start working on habitat improvements. Take this opportunity to clear shooting lanes, maintain food plots, and enhance the overall quality of the deer habitat. Planting supplemental food sources, such as clover or brassicas, can attract deer and encourage them to frequent your hunting area during the upcoming season. By investing time and effort now, you’ll create a more enticing and productive hunting environment for when the time is right.
  • Gear Check and Preparation: The downtime of mid-July is perfect for giving your hunting gear a thorough check and making any necessary adjustments or upgrades. Inspect your firearms or bows, ensuring they are in proper working condition and sighted accurately. Evaluate your hunting clothing, boots, and accessories, replacing any worn-out items or adding new pieces to accommodate changing weather conditions. Taking care of gear maintenance and preparation now saves you from scrambling at the last minute when the excitement of deer season is upon you.
  • Skill Enhancement: Enhancing your hunting skills is an ongoing process, and mid-July provides an opportunity to sharpen your abilities in various ways. Consider attending hunting workshops, seminars, or training courses to learn new techniques, tactics, and strategies. Engage in target practice to fine-tune your marksmanship and increase your confidence in the field. Additionally, studying deer behavior, reading hunting literature, and watching educational videos can expand your knowledge and understanding of these elusive creatures.
  • Conservation and Stewardship: Beyond the thrill of the hunt, hunters have a responsibility to be stewards of the land and wildlife. Mid-July is an ideal time to engage in conservation efforts and contribute to the preservation of deer populations. Get involved with local hunting and wildlife organizations, participate in habitat restoration projects, or volunteer for initiatives that support wildlife management and research. By actively participating in conservation, you’ll not only contribute to the long-term sustainability of deer hunting but also connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Conclusion: Though deer season may be months away, the mid-July itch to go hunting can be harnessed and channeled into productive and rewarding activities. From scouting and surveillance to habitat improvement, gear preparation, skill enhancement, and conservation efforts, there is plenty to keep the hunter’s spirit alive during this lull. Embrace the anticipation, invest in your hunting pursuits, and relish the process of preparing for the adventure that lies ahead. So, heed the call of the wild, seize the midsummer opportunity, and satisfy that ever-present craving for the hunt.

-Robbie Hackney

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